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Creations by R​uth Ann


NOTE: My site, as an Independent Authorized Fashenhues Distributor, i​s set up for you, ​as the Consumer, Student, 

Hobbyist , or Shop Owner to learn more about the magical world of the Awesome Fashenhues products.

Note: Shopping Cart is through Pay Pal

If you choose not to use Pay Pal, I do have an etsy site

that you can purchase through. The price is higher through

etsy because they charge more for this service.

Until I get all the changes done, to be able to handle

your orders, the Brushes go through Pay Pal and the

Fashenhues products still go through etsy.

My new Brush Line:

Creations by Ruth Ann

Taklon Blend Brushes


To order, contact me by either

Facebook - Ruth Ann Jackson Butler

Or through my email. [email protected]

Creations by Ruth Ann Brushes

Brush Retail Your Price

¾” Shader $6.00 $5.40 plus shipping*

3/8” Angler $5.50 $5.00 plus shipping*

#10 Shader $4.30 3.87 plus shipping*

#8 Shader $4.25 $3.83 plus shipping*

#6 Shader $3.34 $3.01 plus shipping*

¼” Angler $3.56 $3.20 plus shipping*

20/0 Long $3.00 $2.75 plus shipping*

20/0 Mini $5.00 $4.50 plus shipping*

Minimum shipping $3.00

*Single brushes are $1 shipping when added with other orders.

If you order more than one brush, I will combine the shipping and refund

any difference, or you can message me and I will do an invoice for you,

with the correct amount of shipping.

Set of 7 brushes (listed above except 20/0 Long)

Your special price $28.81 plus $7.95 shipping

Contact me for bulk pricing (12 or more of one kind.)

Contact me to ordre either through my email

[email protected]

Or on Facebook Messenger -

Ruth Ann Jackson Perkins